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Shay Mitchell for Vogue India, September 2014

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@itashbenzo: On our way DWTS @shaym

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Oh, my my my! Look at that. Janel Parrish is on set tonight! We’re going to get so many flashbacks!!

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“It’s so crazy.It’s really insane.I’ve been working with these girls for about four years now, and I couldn’t ask for a better cast.It’s so cool. We still get along, and we’re really supportive of each other. It’s great.”

                                                                        — Ashley Benson

“I hate them.No, I’m kidding. They’re all like my little sisters — except for Troian [Bellisario], she’s my older sister. The other two? They’re my little sisters.”

                                                                         — Shay Mitchell

“We’re very, very lucky to have a cast that respects each other and gets along. I know that a lot of shows aren’t like that, so we feel very lucky to have that strong foundation. It’s good to see them, because I haven’t seen them in a little bit.”

                                                                         — Lucy Hale

“At this point we are all so comfortable with each other. We are absolutely as close in real life as we are on the show. We all kind of take turns taking care of each other. If one of us was going through something, we’d be there for each other. Even today, they could just tell when I wanted to be alone and they could tell when I wanted someone to talk to. I can’t tell how many times I’ve been there for one of them to call in the middle of the night. I think life would be much cooler if we had woods to meet in, instead of the back of the WB studio where we shoot”

                                                                        — Troian Bellisario

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The story of Aria and Ezra…

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PLL rewatch : “Salt Meets Wound” [1x12]

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