Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek: x

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Hey, do you wanna go on a trip together?

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Top 15 Pretty Little Liars Friendships (as voted by my followers)
15. Spencer Hastings and Caleb Rivers
"How are the rest of you doing?" — "We’re just dandy."

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Pretty Little Liars + openings

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Gag Reel | Shay Mitchell

Ahahaha ;D Shay is awesome +.+

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Anonymous Asked:
I feel like Alison was lying to Emily and Spencer though. I believe that was Noel, but after she gave her reason, she looked like she had just lied. So there was more to it. Alison is still really manipulative, and a bitch.

My Answer:

Yeah! I saw the look of doubt on her face but then again if she knew Noel was apart of the Ateam or something then she would know who this crazy person really is. But if it is a lie then it’s gonna come back and bite her in the ass. The girls are having way to much trouble keeping up with these lies!

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